Keynote Speakers

Massimo Banzi

Co-founder of Arduino

Massimo is an Interaction Designer, Educator and Open Source Hardware advocate. He is also the author of “Getting Started with Arduino” published by O'Reilly. He currently teaches Interaction Design at SUPSI Lugano in the south of Switzerland and is a visiting professor at CIID in Copenhagen.

Ruchi Sanghvi

Founder of South Park Commons

Ruchi Sanghvi is the founder of South Park Commons (SPC) - a collective of technologists, tinkerers, and entrepreneurs who have come together to freely learn, explore new ideas, and help each other launch their next venture. Based in San Francisco, SPC has over 150 members and alums who have either started their own companies or gone on to join top organizations like Google Brain, OpenAI, and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. In early 2018, Ruchi raised a $50M seed stage venture fund to support entrepreneurs both inside and outside of SPC.

Fireside Chats

Marten Mickos

CEO of HackerOne

Marten Mickos is the CEO of HackerOne, Inc. the #1 bug bounty and vulnerability coordination platform. Previously, Marten was the CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, acquired by Hewlett-Packard where he served as head of the cloud business. Marten served as CEO of MySQL AB from 2001 to 2008 and as a board member of Nokia from 2012 to 2015. Marten is a thought leader on leadership and disruptive business models.

Adam D'Angelo

CEO and Co-founder of Quora

Adam D'Angelo is the cofounder and CEO of Quora, the Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world's knowledge. Since 2009, Quora has grown serve over 100 million monthly unique visitors from around the world with a library of knowledge featuring more than 1.5 million topics—ranging from business and technology, to politics and science, to arts and entertainment. Prior to co-founding Quora, Adam served as CTO at Facebook, where he oversaw new product development and led the engineering team. In addition, he guided the site's architecture and infrastructure and started the company's growth team. Adam holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology.

Alexander Chen

Creative Lead at Google

At Google Creative Lab, Alexander has helped lead projects such as Chrome Music Lab, A.I. Experiments, and the Les Paul Doodle, a Google doodle which generated 5.1 years worth of shared music around the world. His personal projects include MTA.ME, which transformed a New York subway map into a string instrument. His music visualization work has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

Michael Seibel

CEO of Y Combinator

Michael Seibel is a partner and CEO of Y Combinator. Prior to YC, Michael was co-founder and CEO of Justin.tv from 2007 - 2011 and the co-founder and CEO of Socialcam in 2012. During 2012, Socialcam participated in Y Combinator, raised angel financing, and sold to Autodesk Inc. for $60m (link). In 2014, Justin.tv became Twitch Interactive and under the leadership of Emmett Shear and Kevin Lin sold to Amazon for $970M. Before getting into tech, Michael spent a year as the finance director for a US Senate campaign and before that he graduated from Yale University with a bachelors degree in political science.

Ben Fry

Founder of Fathom Information Design

Ben Fry is founder and principal of Fathom Information Design, a design and software consultancy located in Boston. He holds a Ph.D. from the MIT Media Laboratory and recently joined MIT as a Lecturer. Fry has authored and co-authored multiple books and develops Processing — the programming environment he co-created with Casey Reas used by artists, engineers, scientists, and students all over the world. His work can be found in museums, feature films, research labs, and the portfolios of Fathom's clients such as Nike, Samsung, DARPA, and ProPublica. In 2011, Fry visited the White House to receive the National Design Award for Interaction Design.

Heather Luipold

Creative Lead at Google

Heather Luipold is a Creative Lead 5in New York working at the Google Creative Lab. They're a small group of designers, engineers, writers, filmmakers and thinkers who experiment on non-traditional product concepts and ways to help connect people with their products. She co-leads a team inside the Lab that focuses on product visioning and experimentation. She also works as an adjunct professor in the design department at the School of Visual Arts and the Masters Program at Cornell Tech. Prior to Google, she worked in a slew of agencies where she led product work for clients like Gucci, American Express and Lexus.