Ali Partovi
Ali Partovi is CEO of Neo, a mentorship community and communal VC fund that brings together tech veterans to cultivate and invest in the leaders of tomorrow. Ali's first startup, LinkExchange, was acquired in 1988, and he has backed Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, & Uber. Ali was born in Tehran and lived through the Iran-Iraq war. He studied CS at Harvard and helped launch to promote CS education. Ali is passionate about sustainable food and loves climbing, guitar, puzzles, and family.
Sara Du
Sara Du is the CEO & cofounder of Alloy Automation (, an integrations-as-a-service company backed by $27M from a16z, BCV, YC, & others. Originally from Atlanta, she previously studied at Harvard and worked for Snap before starting Alloy. She also scouts for Greylock and advises founders in vertical SaaS and developer infra.
Allison Koenecke
Allison Koenecke (MIT '14) is an Assistant Professor of Information Science at Cornell University. Her research applies computational methods, such as machine learning and causal inference, to study societal inequities in domains from online services to public health. Koenecke is regularly quoted as an expert on disparities in automated speech-to-text systems. She previously held a postdoctoral researcher role at Microsoft Research and received her PhD from Stanford's Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering.