Got a question that isn't in this list? Go to the help desk! If you're not in the Stata Center or the Media Lab, call our hotline at (774) 290-HACK.

I came late / I don’t know where to go!

Come to Help Desk and we’ll get you up to speed!

What if I don’t have a team?

No worries! We’ll be holding a team formation event Sunday morning to allow hackers who came without a team to find one. Feel free to also form spontaneous teams with new friends you meet through the Blueprint Facebook group or throughout the weekend!

How many people are allowed on a team?

Teams can be up to four people.

What am I supposed to build/hack this weekend?

There are no constraints on what you can build on Sunday! Your finished hack doesn’t have to be polished or perfect; we know there isn’t nearly enough time to build a big project -- we hope Blueprint is a launchpad for you to continue hacking on it past this weekend!